Top brands chose Briefboards feedback tool to create eLearning courses faster

What is Briefboards?


Briefboards is a cloud-based messaging and review platform that allows eLearning professionals and teams to communicate and collaborate with their clients in real time by connecting a ‘Messaging Board' to an eLearning course.

Are you still reviewing eLearning the old, painful way?

Not anymore.

With onscreen mark-up features and the possibility to add attachments, you can now consolidate all your feedback in one place and link straight to your course slides.

With great search functionality and number-marked comments, the team can find feedback instantly. Finally, with no need to upload your content to a third party authoring tool or platform, simply connect our messaging Board to your course and start reviewing.

“I’m super impressed with Briefboards. So much better than getting people to screenshot or markup a word doc export of a module.”

David Myers - Learning Solutions Specialist, Bupa

Make comments or add attachments to any course slide, layers, or player

Review and track comments in real-time

See what others have to say and offer alternatives

Organise feedback as it gets actioned into To Do Lists

Sign off on content

It’s the team-friendly, collaborative review tool you’ve been looking for.

Even the most amazing authoring tools could use a little help when it comes to reviewing content. Briefboards is built around a real-time collaboration platform that allows you to pull teams of people together from anywhere in the world – contractors, employees, clients, development partners and external advisors, so that you can get the job done quicker.

"As an offshore developer servicing companies around the globe, gathering feedback and being clear about what is required is often complicated and stressful. Briefboards allows me and my reviewers to work on the actual course slides, leaving markers and comments in exact locations. No more miscommunication. Briefboards certainly beats the old feedback spreadsheet!"

Ezequiel Aranda - Director and eLearning Developer, WilkonIT

Update content, make improvements quickly, and iterate until perfect.

Many e-learning designers and developers struggle to receive feedback quickly when working in collaborative environments requiring input from different stakeholders. But not with Briefboards. Our simple, intuitive, familiar interface, takes out the hassle, the stress and the procrastination that often derives from the complicated or ‘manual way’ of reviewing content.

And with unlimited review cycles per project, iterating until perfect has never been easier.

"NDS often partners with member organisations to build elearning courses. With Briefboards, experts from all sides have been able to quickly and easily contribute, review, and sign off on content. The review functionality is very simple to use - just a click on course slide and one can leave a comment."

Nicole Jenkins - Learning and Development Manager, National Disability Services (NDS)


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Using Briefboards couldn't be easier!

Build your draft course using either Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, or iSpring.

Paste your unique Briefboards' code into the first slide of your course to connect the 'Review Board'.
Then publish.

Launch your course with Briefboards and invite your team to review!

Manage even the toughest projects
through the one powerful dashboard

Consolidate all your projects and review cycles in one place

The complexity of managing multiple review cycles disappears, when you have each project and cycle neatly set up for you, with content version, reviewers and conversations all in one place.

With Briefboards you can publish, adjust, and republish as many versions of your content as you want and keep everything organised through your Dashboard.

Have full visibility of your projects irrespective of your Authoring tool

Are you managing projects built with different authoring tools? Or even reviewing an existing project with one tool and then planning on building in another?

Not a problem! With Briefboards, you can begin working with one tool, gather all the feedback you need and then set up a second round of review with a different authoring tool. All within the same project!

Manage your
review team

Creating great course content is all about connecting the right people at the right time.

With Briefboards, you can now invite and associate reviewers in the exact moment (review cycle) you need them. And with unlimited reviewers the possibilities of expert input into your projects are endless.


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Collaboration and messaging platform

Over feedback comments have been made on Briefboards by designers, developers, SME's and businesses large and small.

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